That is the philosophy we
have at Sycamore Creek Farm.

We produce vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs using sustainable methods that limit harm to the earth. We want folks to enjoy products from our farm so that they realize how good fresh local food truly is! If you live, work or play in Tyler or Wetzel County in West Virginia, then you are close enough to enjoy the freshness of local food. We are located in Tyler County and you’ll find our products at local farmers markets, grocery stores, schools and restaurants – anywhere folks appreciate the freshness, wholesomeness and taste of local foods.

A radical lifestyle change brought us to an abandoned farm in West Virginia where we provide sustainable local food options for surrounding communities.

Thanks to three high tunnels, we produce a wide variety of produce (and eggs) here at Sycamore Creek Farm that are sold through regional markets and our CSA program.

Life on the farm is a non-stop adventure as we strive to produce high quality local food, raise kids, wrangle critters, and embrace mother nature’s changes.