2016 - the Year in Review

Wow! It has been a while since I’ve had time to write a blog post. Maybe this is a good time to recap 2016.

In 2016 we doubled the amount of CSA shares that we offered as late in 2015 we added a third high tunnel to the farm. We also sold produce at the Wetzel County Farmer’s market more consistently this year.

Al officially retired and worked the farm which really allowed me more time to work on my RBA portfolio. I submitted it and was awarded the credits I needed. I graduated from WVU with my RBA (Magna Cum Laude) with a minor in Communication.

I loved watching and listening to the brief interlude of the periodical cicadas when they appeared for a few weeks early this spring.

The insects started hatching the day of our daughter’s graduation party. Rebecca graduated from High School, Caitlin graduated with her Associates Degree and me with my RBA! Also in May, our son Nathan got engaged to his girlfriend, Amber. May was quite a celebration!

In the summer, Al and I took some much needed R & R and went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Even though WV is a gorgeous state, I miss seeing a sunrise and/or sunset.

Our farm is located at the bottom of a hill so the sun has already risen by the time I get to see it.

Visiting the beach allowed me to experience both and to visit with some of my sisters and their families, too.

We had some crop failures, and learned from those failures. We also had a great success – strawberries!

Over the summer, I made the decision to continue on at WVU and work on my MA in Corporate and Organization Communication. This is a two year program so graduating will be my 50th birthday present to me.

September was a sad month as our beloved Guinness passed away. She was a treasured companion for 14 years.

October brought us Ramsey, a puppy that needed a home. He has me smiling and laughing with his crazy antics.

November and December passed in a blur as college projects took up quite a bit of time.

Recently I pulled out my high school yearbook. My husband and kids got a good laugh at my horrible mullet (but everyone had either big hair or a mullet - it was the 80's!). One thing that struck me was my statement attached to my picture. In it I declare “I’m not a farmer.”

The background on this is that as member of FFA at my old Alma Mater, one was more likely to get bullied at school. The athletes (jocks) would paste anti-farmer posters all over the school. Plus, I didn’t quite fit in with the “true” farmers. I joined FFA to give me extra practice for horticulture judging which as a 4-H member, I excelled and went to national contests. I was also in Vo-Tech for horticulture, specializing in greenhouse operation.

Funny how things turn out, isn’t it? Thirty years later and I now own 50 acres. I’m providing food for over ten families for 22 weeks and selling extra produce at the farmer’s market. Most importantly, I am proud to say I’M A FARMER.

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