Farm life

It has been a while since my last blog post. Sometimes life on the farm can toss you something unexpected.

About a week ago, the unexpected happened to me.

Ginger the sheep accidently plowed into my head with her head. (Sheep have very hard heads - I speak from experience!) Luckily for me I didn't break any bones but I did get a really nice black eye. The family kept trying to find silly ways of explaining my shiner (getting clocked by a sheep didn't seem glamorous enough?) like saying that I got into a bar room brawl. The jokes flowed all weekend.

Today we had another unexpected event. When I went out to feed this evening, I noticed two "extra" turkeys just outside of the fence. Two wild turkeys were out at the back fence trying to intimidate our domestic tom. I quickly ran to the house and was able to grab my camera and get some great pictures.

The wild turkeys didn't seem to be too concerned about me lurking around with a camera.

Farm life always has the element of surprise. That is why we enjoy it so much.

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