Groundhog Day

Spring is on the way?

So, I guess Phil didn’t see his shadow this morning which means that if we follow the prediction of a rodent then we’ll have an early spring. I remarked to the family that when Phil predicts six additional weeks of winter then folks get uptight and want to kill the little guy. However when he predicts an early spring it is like “Phil…we love you! Give me a big ‘ole groundhog hug.”

The weather has been mild and today has been quite warm for February 2nd.The farm is pretty muddy.The mud reminds me of a time when I was talking to another 4-H parent about the “seasons” of West Virginia.We were talking about summer and I brought up that “I think this area only has two seasons, Summer and MUD!”She laughed at my joke….but seriously, the mud is awful on the farm.

Al turned on the heat in the greenhouse today as he is getting ready to start some of our seeds.Luckily, he is home for most of the day so he can take care of the baby plants as they start to grow. It is hard to believe that we had a big snowstorm just a little over a week ago.

It was a very pretty snowfall and thankfully we didn’t get the huge amounts of snow that were predicted.The snowfall was powdery so it didn’t weigh down any branches so we never lost power.

I’m glad that the sunlight is getting longer each day.Spring will be here before you know it and the farm will dance with the greenery and blooms once again.

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