Hard Work Pays Off

Today’s post isn’t about just about the farm. As I’ve mentioned before, Sycamore Creek Farm is my vision. The high tunnels and the livestock connect me to the land. I love hiking my woods, watching the creek and listening to the whippoorwill on a warm spring evening. But, I also have a day job and I’ve been going to school, continuing to further my education after receiving my AAS in 2005.

Today I received news that I’ll be able to graduate in May 2016. This is exciting news for me! I’ve been working towards my RBA since 2006. Because of work and the farm, I’ve only been able to take one class a semester during most of the time (and I needed a few breaks too). One of my goals was to write a portfolio describing my life and work experiences and ask for those to be applied towards college credit.

Working on a portfolio was a challenge because unlike a research paper where one is presenting facts, this paper was written to be a miniature life story. Writing about myself is not something that I enjoy doing although this blog is almost like a conversation about my life (and the life of my farm).

I am hoping to continue with my education and obtain a Master’s degree.

I hope this doesn’t sound too egotistical but today I am proud of myself. I’ve worked hard for this degree. Working full-time, raising a family, building a farm and attending college has been a challenge. Today, I'm going to bask in a little bit of sunshine and enjoy the rest of the spring.

Is that a crocus I see blooming? ;)

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