The Story Behind the Name

Wow! It has been quite a while since my last blog post. We've been pretty busy on the farm. In fact, seems like a "whole lotta plantin' go'in on!

Tomatoes in high tunnel 3 are blooming and starting to set fruit. It won't be long before we and our customers will be enjoying a ripe tomato.

We've also had some babies hatch on the farm. Ducklings and turkeys!

A few weeks ago someone had asked me how we came up with the name for our farm, so I thought I would share our story here. Down at the end of our property we have some HUGE sycamore trees. The kind of trees that you can hug and your arms won't ever be able to reach around the diameter of the trunk. These are like the guardians of the farm.

We did a brainstorm session on coming up with a farm/business name that the whole family liked. We jotted down the ideas about the positive aspects of our property and the two things that everyone agreed upon was that we loved the sycamore trees and we loved the creeks. So, we combined the two and came up with Sycamore Creek Farm.

Now, we've been told by some that it confuses people because there isn't a Sycamore Creek in Tyler County. We're aware that the two creeks on the property have different "official" names. The one is a vernal run that splits the property between the house and the high tunnels (I think it officially has the name of Walnut Run.) and we also border Big Sancho Creek.

But, this is the name we've given our farm to honor the sycamore tree guardians and the creeks that flow through our property. Kinda corny but it is our story of how we named our farm.

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