They're growing...They're growing!

I'm sorry that I haven't had a chance to write for awhile but we've been busy on the farm. We're finally at a point where most of the summer crops are in the ground and now it is a time of patience.

The tomatoes are as tall as me (well, I'm only 5'2" so it doesn't take much to be taller) and are covered in flowers and fruit.

The eggplant are blooming and producing. We've already gotten to enjoy some first tastes of summer.

Peppers are HUGE for this time of year and we can't wait till they ripen fully (green is okay but they are much sweeter when they ripen).

We've planted okra and tomatillos in this high tunnel too so that we can offer these a bit earlier this summer compared to the "outside" crops.

These are pictures of high tunnel 3 - our summer high tunnel. We still have some late spring crops in the other two high tunnels and those high tunnels will eventually transition into our fall offerings.

We are very thankful that we didn't get the horrible flooding that a good portion of the state received last week. Our thoughts are with those affected by the flooding.

I've been kinda relaxing and taking it easy this afternoon. We don't work too much in the heat of the day. I've been moving some old glassware into a new cabinet that we bought a few weeks ago. Some of the glasses have brought back old memories.

One style glass in particular was my grandmom's beer glass. She would take her libation every afternoon at 3pm. She would either have concord grape wine or Bock Beer with about five Ritz crackers. One year she had a crazy parakeet named Nuisance. She would finish her beer and then tip her glass and allow the bird to climb into the glass for a "treat". My grandmother was a hard working lady! I hope that I can stay as active as she did!

I enjoyed a tasty beverage in my Grandmom's beer glass this evening. (And no Theresa, I didn't share it with my chickens.)

I look forward to reading your comments as I'm not sure if anyone is even reading my blog.

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